366 Chances to Succeed


So, hello 2016.  We did it, got through the Christmas hols and headed out the other end to the huge array of emails, resolutions and healthier habits we’ve put in place to make our lives better.  I’ve been thinking about creating this post for the last few days, reflecting on how much I enjoyed being out of the daily grind, spending quality time with the family… and simply doing nothing. 

My resolutions are concentrated on the theme of making every day the quality I want instead of putting off good things in order to get the work done.  And how am I going to do this?

By doing it now! 

I’m a list lover, and the downside of lists is that you constantly put things on it and never get to the end, all in all creating a daily grind.  Ah, hang on, you say! Don’t worry, I’m not ditching the lists entirely, just maximising the time I have in life by taking on the following advice:

·         Stop putting things off:  if there is something you’ve been meaning to do, crack on with it now rather than slotting it into the ‘I’ll do it tonight’ bit of your mind. I’ve been meaning to back-up my machine to my hard drive since October, so I’m going home half an hour early today to get this done, it just isn’t a priority when making supper, putting kids to bed etc.

·         Only plan for 5 hours of work in my 8 hour day: there are always things that crop up during the day, and I want to clear my emails regularly, so these 3 hours help me to do it…

·         And leads on to my next point: TAKE A LUNCH BREAK!  Yup, I’m shouting.  It really is so important to take your breaks. If you aren’t paid for them, you are simply working overtime!  If you’re self-employed like me, then you still need to ensure that you get some time to reflect.  I’m currently reading ‘The Idea in You’ during my half hour.  You’ll find lots more about our commitment to lunch breaks as we support Stylist magazine’s #ReclaimYourLunchBreak campaign.

·         Write down the 3 most important tasks of your week and focus on them, the other smaller things get done without thinking too much but we often put off the bigger stuff when we should be concentrating on it.

·         As it’s important, I will say it again… Do it now.  Be mindful in the moment by picking up the task that’s in your head and end the burden we feel when put things on the do it later list.  If you need support on getting mindful in achieving your goals, sign up to our Mindful Career Mapping course here.

It’s a leap year this year, which means we have 366 chances to make our lives what we want them to be!  I want my life to be peaceful, and I also want to hear from you so please respond with your views to our blog below or on social media.  Looking forward to seeing lots of you during 2016.

Sarah Rees

Founder, Career Women Wales